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Before & After Photos

This ceiling patch had a roof leak and caused water and mold damage to the living room ceiling. We opened the drywall and found wet drywall and insulation, we cut all the wet and moldy drywall approx 4 feet by 6 feet.

This ceiling plywood was still wet so we had to set up a dehumidifier to help dry the moisture in the ceiling and to help stop mold growth. After the mold samples passed from the lab. We can put the insulation and drywall back apply joint compound sand and paint.

Kitchen ceiling drywall repair in Raleigh, water damage from faulty quest pipe, Steve’s plumbing had to replace the damaged quest pipe with new. We repaired the kitchen ceiling with new drywall, taped the joints with joint compound, finished slick ready for primer and paint only. Homeowner decided to prime and paint to save on the cost.
Images of a sunroom ceiling in Durham. Customer extended the room and it required adding new drywall to the existing drywall the surface was not even, I used drywall mesh tape and quick set joint compound to float and skim the ceilings.